Point the Way Foundation was founded to serve our community, especially in times of need. As part of our response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve launched our #helptheheroes initiative directed at helping those who are on the front lines and those who continue to keep our community moving.

Some ways we are helping:

  • meals

    Medical Masks

    We’re donating N95 masks to healthcare workers, first responders, caretakers and police officers throughout San Diego County.

    Click here to donate masks to your own heroes!

  • Meals

    We’re delivering meals to everyone from local grocery store employees to healthcare workers to help them get through their shifts.

  • bands

    Face Mask Bands

    Our 3D printers are working non-stop to create these special bands that hold face masks in place, making them more comfortable and functional to wear.

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Local firefighters received a special donation of hand sanitizer spray, made and bottled by a local spirit distillery.

  • bands

    Thank you cards

    Hundreds of local heroes are receiving thank you cards made by our incredible team of volunteers, all of whom are donating their time from home to say thanks.

Interested in helping your heroes?

Support your team of heroes with a donation of face masks! You cover the face masks, we’ll cover the face mask bands and shipping. Be sure to write a personal message for us to share when we send the donation.

We’re in this together and together we do better!

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