• a Non-Profit Charitable Foundation for Children and Military Families

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Making a Difference, One Dollar at a Time.

Point the Way Foundation’s mission is to support charitable endeavors for the families and children of civilian and military communities. Our main objective is to support organizations that we and our supporters are passionate about. These include Military non-profits such as the Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) and the Armed Forces YMCA; these include Children’s charities such as The Philanthropy Club and Rady Children’s Hospital; these include Community organizations such as local food banks and homeless shelters…just to name a few. There are so many charities we hold near and dear to our hearts and know that our supporters, like you, do as well. The goal of Point the Way Foundation is to embrace and assist these organizations in their continued efforts to make a difference in the lives of those we care about the most.


Point the Way Foundation was established by Chad Buckmaster and Andrew Newby in 2014. Below are the founding directors’ reasons for starting Point the Way Foundation.

Chad Buckmaster – Board Director

I’ve always had a profound respect for our military. It was ingrained in me from an early age to be grateful for and proud of our country and those who protect it. My father was a marine and his father served before him. I remember stories my dad told me about his experience – about the honor and brotherhood his fellow marines shared. He actually enlisted after a good friend perished in combat because his sense of duty was simply too strong to ignore. One story I’ve never forgotten was about the night before my dad and his platoon were scheduled to ship out to the front lines of Vietnam, to one of the toughest battle zones during that time. My dad was on his way to finish packing when he ran into one of his older fraternity brothers, who happened to also be of a higher rank. The officer wanted to hear about my dad’s assignment. After explaining his orders and catching up, they said their good byes and wished their good lucks. The next morning, my dad’s orders had been changed. He was no longer going to the front lines; instead he spent the next year testing weapons in the Mediterranean. That story made an impression on me for a couple of reasons. One was admiration for my dad, who was and is braver than I’ll ever be. He hadn’t complained about going to the front; he was proud to be doing his part and making a difference for his country. Another was that the officer who influenced the change of orders hadn’t done so with the expectation of being thanked, or receiving credit or recognition in any way. That sort of stepping up for a fellow man really made an impression on me and embodies what I think it means to be a soldier…leading by example and doing whatever you can to help those around you. This is just one of the incredible stories my dad has shared with me, and is one of the memories that laid the foundation for my immense respect for our men and woman in uniform. After 9/11, my respect and gratitude deepened and I began to reflect on my own contributions to our country. Nations of people felt a strong sense of patriotism and duty, and many were propelled into action. Some enlisted. Some got involved in other ways. Some felt united by loyalty for a time, and then moved on with their lives. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of patriotism, and yet I was one of those individuals who didn’t act on it. It’s not that I didn’t want to help, or that my feelings were fleeting. I’m just not the type of person who will bravely run into battle or has ever been forced to sacrifice everyday pleasures for someone’s safety. I wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure what. Recently, I have had the honor to get close to someone who has been involved with the military all his adult life. My brother-in-law, a Major in the U.S. Army involved in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), was assigned to a post near me after returning from commanding his unit in Afghanistan. The stories of his multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan are unfathomable. While they reiterate that I’m not cut out for battle, they also fan my desire to contribute on a larger scale. These special connections and personal stories have taught me a lot about military life. It is through them that I’ve come to realize there are things I can do to contribute as a civilian. I said to myself years ago that when we created a business successful enough to make a difference in people’s lives, we would step up and play our part. Through Workwell Technologies, we have been fortunate enough to do so. My business partner and I have been able to create the Point the Way Foundation, and now we finally have the ability to focus our resources and channel our energy into making a real difference.

Andrew Newby – Board Director

The joy of being a parent is, for me, never ending. Children are themselves a unique gift to their parents, each offering unconditional love and moments of happiness that can never be adequately described. As every parent knows, the joy and wonder is interrupted very infrequently (if we are lucky), but oftentimes significantly, with moments of heartbreaking grief, despair, and heartache. Having experienced firsthand a terrifying, confusing, and arduous ordeal with my youngest daughter, I am, as cliched as it may sound, forever more aware of the fragility of childhood. Just now, years after her touch and go first months spent in the neonatal intensive care unit, I have gained perspective. I am aware that for as horrible as it was to witness her struggle, our family ordeal pales in comparison to what some families and children experience everyday, in every pocket of this country. I am extremely thankful that Chad Buckmaster, the Chairman of the Point the Way Foundation and CEO of Workwell Technologies, has solicited my input as to how the foundation may benefit worthy causes. He witnessed my family’s struggle in a time of need and also recognizes that this organization can lend support to other children and families that may be in need. Our goal is to significantly impact the lives of children and families, both civilian and military, through charitable work and contributions to these organizations and individuals.    

There are MANY ways to make a difference,