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Where do Point the Way Funds go?
August 3, 2015
Point the Way Foundation was established in 2014 to help support military, children’s and community organizations. The Board of Directors is vigilant in ensuring that donated funds are allocated to non-profits that align with the charity’s mission and provide services they believe in. On top of that list this year is San Diego’s Support the Enlisted Project (STEP). STEP provides financial grants to junior active duty and recently discharged veteran families in times of crisis and works with them so that they may achieve financial self-sufficiency. For many of our military men and women, STEP has been the answer they needed to turn things around for their families. Take Marine Corps staff sergeant Danny Ziegler for example. Ziegler was left without a vehicle after his car slipped off a flatbed truck during his move across the country. He and his wife purchased a car after the incident only to have it quit working after just a few months. In addition to the vehicle woes, Ziegler was looking at reconstructive surgery for his foot and his wife was searching with little luck for a job as a nurse’s aid in San Diego. Having learned about Ziegler’s story, STEP stepped up to the plate and connected the them with Caliber Collision and the Recycled Rides program. The Zieglers ended up going home with a safe and reliable, 100% donated, Chrysler Sebring. Another military family was recently struggling financially after medical bills began piling up from a brain injury that the husband had endured while serving overseas. The family had simply asked for financial guidance to get out of debt; however, STEP was able to help with that and then some when the Director of Client Services for STEP nominated the family from a Wish Booth for the Meredith Viera show. The show subsequently surprised the family with $10,000 to Box.com, as well as $20,000 cash from Ballpark Franks. The heartwarming story was featured on a Meredith Viera holiday broadcast last winter. These are the stories STEP helps give happy endings. The challenges are real…the people are genuine…and the families are forever grateful for the assistance they receive from STEP. In addition to the many individuals the charity has helped, there are also numerous community programs that STEP sponsors and participates in such as free ice skating for military families at Horton Plaza, a military family appreciation carnival, wounded warrior caregiver support, a holiday relief program, free money management classes and more. It’s special and rewarding programs like this that justify why Point the Way Foundation has chosen to support STEP. By making a donation to Point the Way, your dollars will go directly to non-profit organizations just like this that make meaningful differences in other people’s lives. Stay tuned for more stories on organizations Point the Way Foundation helps, and remember – your donations COUNT!
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