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Why I Donate My Time to Point the Way
November 20, 2014
The following post comes from Point the Way board member Ryan Sebring: “I grew up in a family with a strong respect and appreciation for the United States Military. Both my grandfathers served oversees in WWII, while my grandmothers worked at home on the assembly lines at Boeing, helping to build airplanes for the war. My father and uncles fought in Vietnam and served proudly and honorably as well. I have always felt very fortunate and appreciative to have grown up in a generation that has not seen a military draft or world war, but that does not mean that the struggles of our military and their families do not continue. There is a great sacrifice that comes with serving that goes beyond being in harm’s way. These brave men and women also sacrifice time with their families to be oversees protecting our freedom. I’m honored to be a part of Point The Way Foundation to help our military families, as well as our local children and community organizations. The foundation allows us the opportunity to directly give back to those in need and help make their lives a little easier. I look forward to many amazing and humbling years ahead as we grow the foundation and reach more lives and help more families. Whether it’s time, money or spreading awareness, we can all step up to help build a better future for the children of our great country, as well as for those who proudly serve and defend its freedom. I hope you will join us in our efforts, big and small.”

-Ryan Sebring

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