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Why I Believe in Point the Way Foundation
October 20, 2014
The following post comes from Point the Way Foundation’s co-founder, Andrew Newby: The joy of being a parent is, for me, never ending. Children are themselves a unique gift to their parents, each offering unconditional love and moments of happiness that can never be adequately described. As every parent knows, the joy and wonder is interrupted very infrequently (if we are lucky), but oftentimes significantly, with moments of heartbreaking grief, despair, and heartache. Having experienced firsthand a terrifying, confusing, and arduous ordeal with my youngest daughter, I am, as cliched as it may sound, forever more aware of the fragility of childhood. Just now, years after her touch and go first months spent in the neonatal intensive care unit, I have gained perspective. I am aware that for as horrible as it was to witness her struggle, our family ordeal pales in comparison to what some families and children experience everyday, in every pocket of this country. I am extremely thankful that Chad Buckmaster, the Chairman of the Point the Way Foundation and CEO of Processing Point, Inc., has solicited my input as to how the foundation may benefit worthy causes. He witnessed my family‚Äôs struggle in a time of need and also recognizes that this organization can lend support to other children and families that may be in need. Our goal is to significantly impact the lives of children and families, both civilian and military, through charitable work and contributions to these organizations and individuals.

-Andrew Newby

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