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Point the Way’s 2015 Highlights
January 13, 2016
As Point the Way kicks off the New Year with new goals to reach, we thought it would be nice to do a quick recap on some of the goals we hit (and surpassed) in 2015. Last year was a remarkable year of fundraising, which allowed Point the Way the opportunity to support some pretty incredible organizations and do some pretty incredible things. For starters, proceeds from the 8th annual Diablo Golf Classic brought in more than $27,000 in donations for Point the Way. This is the most money raised to date for the Diablo and has set the bar for 2016’s tournament that will take place later this year (date to be determined soon). Additional contributions from our fans and followers trickled in throughout the year bringing us close to $30,000 for 2015. While various donations were made throughout the year to organizations in need, San Diego’s Support the Enlisted Project (STEPS) was Point the Way’s primary beneficiary in 2015. In addition to a direct donation going toward the many powerful programs STEPS offers, Point the Way also contributed to its Spread the Joy initiative by donating more than $6,000 in gifts during the holidays to deserving military families who needed an extra hand this season. You can see various photos from Point the Way’s shopping for charity event on our Facebook page. Click here to visit our Facebook page. Click here to learn more about STEPS. This year looks to be just as busy and meaningful as ever for Point the Way. Thank you in advance for your support as we continue to build the Foundation and position it to make life changing moments for our military men, women and children in need. Please continue to follow us and check in from time to time to see what we are up to. Happy 2016!
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